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Welcome!  We are glad you want to learn more about our organizing efforts to launch the North Iowa Children's Discovery Center! Here are some quick updates about the project, and more details are included throughout this website.

You may print the form above and bring it with you, 
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We plan to open in the former Book World location at Southbridge Mall in Mason City
 in Summer 2018!


The North Iowa Children's Discovery Center: A Quick Introduction

The North Iowa Children’s Discovery Center will be a safe, welcoming, relaxing, and educational indoor play space accessible to all young children and their adult caregivers.

The North Iowa Children's Discovery Center concept and design is based on the Felix Adler Children's Discovery Center in Clinton, IA, and several other children's museums across the state of Iowa.

By providing a safe, welcoming, relaxing, and educational indoor play space that is affordable and accessible to all young children and their adult caregivers:

+ Young children will have the opportunity and room to exercise and explore year-round.

+ Children will have the opportunity to learn through imaginative play and socialize with other children from an early age, building valuable social skills.

+ Children will be able to participate in a series of early childhood educational programs in partnership with a variety of community agencies and nonprofits--on topics such as health and wellness, social skills, world cultures and languages, nature/ environment, and our local cultural arts and recreational opportunities.

+ Families will have a safe, comfortable place for birthday parties and visiting with relatives when a family member's home would not work well for these gatherings.

+ Parents will be able to relax and play with their children, or take a needed break while children play.

+ In this safe space, parents will be able to connect with other parents and form supportive community with one another, reducing the isolation many parents of young children feel.

+ Families who are experiencing challenges will be able to find reliable resources and referrals to community supports, along with encouragement and understanding.

+ By providing a comfortable venue for such gatherings, families can participate in workshops, support groups and trainings on topics such as foster and adoptive parenting, parenting during tough times, child abuse prevention, etc.

+ Child service providers will have a venue for extending the programs they are able to offer the children and families they serve, which may include reducing barriers to accessing services for some families.