Here's a list of our planned interactive display areas, which emphasize learning through imaginative play. You can help us by voting for your favorite displays on our Community Needs Assessment! If you haven't taken this survey yet, you can do so by clicking here.

List of Planned Display/Activity Areas

Infant/Toddler Soft Play Area (separated by a small barrier to prevent older children from running through; sock play area)

Grocery Store (carts/baskets, shelves, check-out area, toy food)

Home/Kitchen (toy stove/sink, plates, chairs/table, other appliances)

Construction Zone (toy tool bench and tools, hard hats, “big trucks,” etc)

Cars/Street (A street/track area for foot-powered riding toys)

Hospital/Clinic (toy medical equipment, uniform costumes, doll-sized exam tables, etc)

Fire/Rescue (scaled-down ambulance with firefighter hats/uniforms, video display imitating driving, steering wheels, lights, radio)

Farm (planting and picking toy crops, feeding and caring for animals)

Dress-Up Corner (variety of costumes in differing sizes, including career choices as well as special occasions and imaginary play)

Theater and Puppet Stages

Trains--multiple train tables (Thomas, BRIO, or similar brands); educational display about train safety

Indoor Playground (preschool/elementary sized)

Building Block Zone (such as Duplo, Megablocks, Magformers, etc)

Doll House--sized large enough for multiple children to play

Camping area with tent, picnic table, "fire pit" and perhaps a mini RV

School (scale school-house with desks, chalkboard, books, etc)

Reading/quiet zone (beanbags/floor pillows, rocking chair, bookshelves)

Art Table (designed for free play, with occasional guided craft activities)

Musical Instruments (designed for free play, with occasional guided activities)