We know families have different scheduling needs.  Some parents are home with their children during weekday mornings. Some families are with their children after school and/or work.

The number of hours we are able to be open will depend on funding and staffing, but it is our plan that we will be open:

+Saturdays, morning and afternoon

+Some or all weekday mornings, to accommodate at-home parents and parents who work second shift

+Some or all weekday afternoons, until 4:30pm (which allows many elementary students to participate with their families for a short time after school).

+At least one evening per week, for families who work and have child care until 5pm.

We also anticipate we will be open on weekdays when other children's activity programs are usually closed (such as Mondays).

To ensure that the Center's staff and volunteers have adequate time with their own families, we also anticipate we will be closed at certain times:



We will plan to be open at least some days when local schools have planned break times, such as winter and spring break. However, if schools are cancelled due to weather conditions, then we will also be closed, to ensure the safety of all families involved.