The North Iowa Children's Discovery Center seeks to be sustainable and supported by memberships, partnerships, sponsorships, and user fees. Our goal is that all children will be able to benefit from the Center, regardless of family income level. Our fees are planned to accommodate a variety of family situations.

Disclaimer: The membership and fee categories and prices listed below are tentative, and may be adjusted as needed at any time. However, at this stage in organizing, these appear to meet the needs of affordability for families and sustainability for the Center as a nonprofit organization over the long term.

Family Memberships

Annual Standard Family Membership: (TBA) Discounted pre-paid membership, good for one year, suitable as a holiday gift to a family. This also helps provide pre-planned income for the Center for that year. A brief registration form is required.

Monthly Standard Family Membership:  $25/month "All You Can Play"--allows full access to Center for two adults and all children residing at same household address. Plans are being developed for auto-withdrawal options. A brief registration form is required.

Monthly Sliding-Scale Family Membership: "All You Can Play"--allows full access to Center for all adults and children residing at same household address, based on family income and brief scholarship application. Auto-withdrawal will also be available when it becomes available for standard memberships.

Grandparent/Adult Caregiver Membership Add-On: $25 per year, allows an adult caregiver (relative or babysitter) to accompany member children in the facility. A brief registration form is required.

Individual Day Passes: $5 per adult, $1 per year of age for children (up to age 5). Children under age 1 are FREE.

Family Day Pass: $20 for members of one household (designed for larger families or families with older children).

Families who visit the Center on a Day Pass and wish to become members afterwards may apply their Day Pass cost to the overall cost of a Membership. Membership and Scholarship information will be available in person at the Center as well as online.

Party Rentals
Prices TBD and based on size of party room available; will include admission for party guests, two hours of party room use, and unlimited play that day for all party guests.

Party Add-On packages are also planned, including face painting, balloon sculpture, and activity leader staff. Prices TBD.

Community Partnerships

Child Care Provider Partnership: Priced according to number of children served per visit and frequency of visits per month.  Child Care Providers need to be state licensed, and provide staffing appropriate to state child care regulations while using the Center. Pre-scheduling for larger groups of children may be required to coordinate with other groups planning to use the Center, plan staffing, and not exceed fire code.

Child Service Provider Partnership: Allows area child service providers to purchase bulk discounted gift certificates to the Center to use as giveaways and incentives/ 'prizes' for children who complete appointments, immunizations, etc.

Display Sponsors:  Area individuals, businesses, and other organizations may be able to sponsor all or part of a display. Please contact Center staff for details.